GM and player tools for your tabletop rpg

Manage all aspects of your character

Create a PC and update it as your adventure continues. Add equipment, learn spells, improve skills and abilities. Share your creation with your GM and participate in encounters, earn loot, and undertake downtime tasks.

Build your own adventure!

GM’s: Build a module for your players to go through. Track the party and share notes with your players so you can all keep track of what happened between sessions. Each adventure stores multiple encounters.

Track combat!

Make running combat easier with RPG Buddy. Track initiative, round number, status effects, and more. Add and remove creatures mid-combat and track damage and healing done by your character over their lifetime. GM’s: preparing your encounters ahead of time can make your job so much easier!

Build your own game system!

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own game system, this is your chance. Add abilities, professions, skills, spells or powers, proficiencies, items, monsters, and more. Create adventures and downtime activities based on your very own creation. Coming soon: share your work with others!