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Current Party

No current adventuring party

Available Downtime Tasks

  • Buying a Magic Item

  • Crafting an Item

  • Gambling

  • Religious Service

  • Training

  • Explore Territory

  • Franchise Restructuring

  • Headquarters Modification

  • Marketeering

  • Philanthropic Enterprise

  • Scrutineering

  • Shady Business Practice

  • Schmoozing

  • Team Building
Player Description

Using the Acquisitions Incorporated campaign book to weave a tale of marketing and conquest for Oisin, Noah, and Costa


  • Thundera
The Franchise

Franchise Status:

  • Rank: 1 (Poor living)
  • Headquarters: Tresendar Manor, Phandalin

Franchise Employ:

  • Franchise Owners:

    • Tintruck (Hoardsperson)
    • Escafoute (Secretarian)
    • Rodger (Cartographer)
  • Majordomo:

  • Skilled Hirelings

  • Hirelings

The Finances

  • Days until payment: 30 Days (3 Tenday)
  • Monthly Price: 120 Gold Pieces
    • Rank Multiplier: x1
    • Tresendar Manor (120 Gold)
List of Non-Player Characters

Tintruck's Retainer's

  • Kleeck (Tintruck's Vizir)
  • Eerk (Tintruck's Messenger)
  • Aur (Tintruck's Attendant)

DM Party Members

  • Randle (Rodger's Animal Companion)

Franchise Employees

  • Nieava Frostwhisper (Owner of the Coven)
  • Fledge Luvic (Scoundrel of Phandelin)
  • Gildah (Former Majordomo of The Golden Mongoose)

Acquisition's Incorporated Officials

  • Oman Dran (CEO of Acq Inc)
  • Jim Darkmagic (Wizard Extraordinaire)
  • Viari (Sub Employee)

Business Allies

  • Thetsis (Lizardfolk Moss-supplier)

Citizens of Phandelin

  • Brawn Mcable (Former Redbrand Ruffian)
  • Ditch Fundi (Gnome Six spy / Operator of the Phandelin Temple)
  • Harbin Wester (Mayor of Phandelin)
  • Macklin Talctuft (Dwarven workhand)
  • Minghee Graywind (Runs Lionshield Coaster)
  • Sharna Quirstiron (Runs the Phandelin Miner's Exchange)
  • Sildar Hallwinter (Knight of the Lord's Alliance)
  • Daran Edermath (Elf apple farmer)
  • Ebella and Ocheri Splintfig (Herbalists)
  • Spit (Co-owner of The Hairy Mackerel)
  • Stint (Co-owner of The Hairy Mackerel)

The Fine Fools

  • Niala (Goliath Secretarian)
  • 9 and a Half Lives (Tabaxi Occultant)
  • Kalo (Verdan Hoardsperson)

Friends of the Party

  • Thomas (Thug turned devotee)
  • Gorkoh (Goblin)
  • Dabshabah (Copper Dragon)
  • Brandish (Satyr Junkie)
  • Briggen (Satyr Junkie)
  • Stargate (Unicorn Cop)
  • Frizen (Dybukk)


  • Father Luvic (Hunter and torturer of his son and daughter)
  • Venomfang (Green Dragon Stalking the Party
  • Hoobur Gran'Shoop (Gnome Necromancer)
  • Stuuzant (Ogre who smashed down the Manor)
  • Criff and Glimmer (Cultists of Graz'zt)
Franchise Opportunities


  • Thetsis and her Alge trade

To Be Established

  • Harbin Wester (Mayoral Benefits)
  • Nieava Frostwhisper (Book writing and public speaking)
  • Daran Edermath (Orchard)
  • The Splintfig Sisters (Herbal Remedies and Botony)
  • The Hairy Mackerel (Brewery)