An adventure is a module made of encounters that you can play over and over again with different parties. Create an adventure emplate then create the encounters inside. Finally check out the adventure, add your party, and play! As the DM, you'll be able to add notes, send your players items, and more!

adventures in progress

Icewind Dale - Rime of the Frostmaiden

Prepare to survive the harsh weather on the other side of the Spine of the World. Venture into a wasteland of ice, where night's are unending and prepare to battle against savage beasts, never seen, that lurk in the darkness. May your Gods be with you, because this time you are really going to need them to live another day and bring light to the fronzen tundra once again. But most of all, don't forget that the Frostmaiden Rime can only be fought the Ice Cube style, when the niggas in the hood drop some mother funcking rhymes.

The first test...

2 young wannabe adventures take their first steps on the path to greatness or death... probably death. :)

Test Adventure

DEscription of test 5e adventure

Chaos in the Cosmosphere: The Breaking of the Great Wheel

Our adventurers find themselves out of their element, out of their realm, and almost out of time! They must act fast to prevent the collapse of the Cosmosphere!