Tomb of the Iron General

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Player Description
Available Downtime Tasks

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An orc hunting party is returning to the tomb. The number of orcs and the timing of their arrival is left to DM discretion. If the players choose to take a rest within the tomb, consider their timely appearance.

Bound to their master, the wights will not rest unless their bodies are burned. How long they stay dormant before reviving is left to DM discretion. Like the hunting party, you can use them to bring tension to rest periods, or have them reinforce combat to add drama. Similarly, a number of company soldiers are buried within the crypts. Don't hesitate to have them awaken if you feel it would make for a better encounter. Use skeleton, zombie, or ghoul statblocks depending on the challenge you are trying to create.

Helm of the Iron General (Magic Item)
Helm of the Iron General

Wondrous Item, rare
This helm makes the wearer's eyes glow a soft purple. The helm allows the wearer to use a bonus action to cast Magic Missile at 3rd level. This ability recharges after a long reset.

F. Sarcophagus of the Iron General

On a small stone dais, an open sarcophagus sits upright along the southern wall of this room. Within the sarcophagus, a body rests in a suit of black plate that matches the relief art throughout the tomb. Its hands are folded over a morningstar resting on the center of its chest. The walls are covered in more reliefs depicting the Iron General raining arcane magic on hordes of enemy infantry, and faint, incomprehensible whispers can be heard in the air. If a creature comes within 10 ft. of the sarcophagus, the specter of the Iron General rises and attacks: "For glory...for EMPIRE!", it rasps harshly.

The Iron General uses the statistics of a helmed horror and a specter. These components act on seperate initiative counts. The helmed horror can cast Magic Missile at first level in place of one longsword (morningstar) attack. The specter cannot be targeted until the helmed horror has been reduced to 0 hp, at which point it flies forth from the body and continues to attack the party until it is defeated. Defeating the Iron General allows his helmet to be recovered by the party.

E. Crypt of the Iron Company

A 10 ft. statue of a faceless soldier in half-plate armor stands in the center of this room. The statue is a stone golem (flesh golem statistics) , and touching anything in this room awakens it. It fights until it is destroyed or the room is empty. There are two dead orcs in this room, victims of the golem. The other orcs fled, and left a warning for their companions. On a larger plaque in the middle of the room is the following inscription: "Here lie the Iron Company, who honorably followed their General into the beyond."

X. Trapped Corridor

A dead orc lies at the end of this hallway, victim of the Glyph of Warding that protects the secret door (DC 12 Perception check to reveal) leading to Area F. The door to Area E is marked with a large X drawn in chalk, and a few crates of supplies are stacked in front of it.

D. Sarcophagi of Lieutenants Blackblade and Proudhammer

The southern door to this room is locked, and the door leading to Area C is closed. There are two open sarcophagi in this room, and the bodies of two wights, one of them dwarven, lie on the floor. One wields a black longsword, and the other a large warhammer. Mortok had wanted to take the sword for himself, but when he felt it whispering maddeningly in his ear, he thought the better of it. The orcs had killed the wights in this room, but they return to life when the players enter. Bound to protect their master in undeath, only if their bodies are burned will the wights rest. On a small plaque in the middle of the room is the following inscription: "May we serve the Iron General as valiantly in death as we did in life."

C. Sarcophagus of Lieutenant Steelfist

The southern door to this room is closed. An orog named Mortok who serves as the warband's leader can be found here with Chop, his pet hooked horror, and another orc named Garnag. The slain corpse of Lieutenant Steelfist, a wight, is crumpled on the floor. Mortok and his companions are fervently tearing apart the crypt looking for treasures. If the alarm is raised, the creatures in this room hope to reinforce their allies in Area A after one round of combat.

Garnag's Betrayal

Mortok is particularly brutal to Garnag. If the battle is lost, Garnag will betray his warband and offer to tell the players about the secret door in Hallway X as well as the stone golem in Room E in exchange for his life. The other orcs in the warband are fiercely loyal, and would sooner die than cooperate with their enemies.

B. Statue of the Iron General

The door leading to this room is ajar. This room has been torn apart by orcs searching for loot. Shelves holding vases, pieces of armor, and other treasures have been ransacked, and the floor is littered with debris. A dead orc is crumpled in the middle of the room, just in front of a 10 ft. tall statue on a large dais that is carved to represent the Iron General, with hunks of amethyst set into the eyes. Attempting to remove the amethyst requires a DC 20 Sleight of Hand check, otherwise a 3rd-level magic missile spell is triggered. Each pillar in the room is carved with a relief depicting a different scene of some great battle that took place centuries ago, with the Iron General at the forefront.

A. Orc Basecamp

Player Description
The tomb's annex has been made into a basecamp, and is littered with animal hides for sleeping, as well as a handful of leather sacks containing orcish belongings. A small campfire burns in the middle of the room. Six orcs are present here. The door to the north hallway is pushed open. Also inside the room is a stone altar, as well as stone benches for Gilmarron visitors before the tomb was sealed. A large relief of a towering man in hulking plate armor standing triumphantly before a large army has been carved into the western wall.

DM Notes
If the alarm has been raised, they attempt to ambush the players. A winch lowers the raised portcullis set into the eastern wall, which the orcs will use to bar the players' retreat if they become alerted.

Tomb Entrance

Player Description
A torn, unmarked flag attached to a wooden stake flaps in the wind on the mountainside. Two orc sentries stand on watch beside the flag. A stone slab 6' high and 4' long has been pushed aside to reveal a stone staircase cut into the side of the mountain. It descends 20 feet into a hallway that appears to be illuminated by torchlight.
DM Notes
The orcs have placed the flag here to mark the tomb's entrance for the returning hunting party. The orc sentries rotate in three-hour shifts. After one round of combat, one of the sentries will attempt to alert the other orcs within the tomb.


  • A. Orc Basecamp

  • B. Statue of the Iron General

  • C. Sarcophagus of Lieutenant St...

  • D. Sarcophagi of Lieutenants Bl...

  • E. Crypt of the Iron Company

  • F. Sarcophagus of the Iron Gene...

  • X. Trapped Hallway.