Downtime Activities

Create a custom tasks such as crafting an item or training a skill. Then allow characters to do them.

Ruleset Task Description Actions
PF d20 Go to the Geartown Bar -Find the Brotherhood contact -Go to bandit camp location =Stealth your way inside =Talk to guards =Assault -Talk to bandit camp leader -Defend bandit camp from attack View
5e Test Task Test task description View
5e Team Building,1,team%20building,0 View
5e Schmoozing,1,schmoozing,0 View
5e Shady Business Practice,1,shady%20business%20practice,0 View
5e Scrutineering,1,scrutineering,0 View
5e Philanthropic Enterprise,1,philanthropic%20enterprise,0 View
5e Marketeering,1,marketeering,0 View
5e Headquarters Modification,1,headquarters%20modification,0 View
5e Franchise Restructuring,1,franchise%20restructuring,0 View