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Custom Professions

  • [5e] Shaman
Custom Items

  • [5e] Woodgrain Armor

  • [5e] Healing Potion Recipe [Forest]

  • [5e] Rations (1 day)

  • [5e] Rope, Hempen (50 feet)

  • [5e] Pick, Miner's

  • [5e] Tent, Two-Person

  • [5e] Mud Bomb

  • [5e] Handaxe

  • [5e] Rope, Silk (50 feet)

  • [5e] Dryad’s harp
Custom Monsters

  • [5e] Banshee

  • [5e] Nothic

  • [5e] Ogre Mage

  • [5e] Fire Knight

  • [5e] Mummy

  • [5e] Ocean Giant

  • [5e] 1st level Mage

  • [5e] Amarantine Skeleton

  • [5e] Young Rhemoraz

  • [5e] Giant Spider (Copied from 1063) (#3264)
Custom Spells

  • [5e] Conjure Fruit or Vegetable
Custom Races
Custom Tasks

  • [5e] Create Mud Bomb

  • [5e] Forage in the forest

  • [5e] Craft Potion of Healing [Forest]

  • [5e] Train with Alchemist's Tools

  • [5e] Train with a Healer's kit
Custom Rulesets

  • [PAc-Hack] PAc-Hack
Unseen Servant Uses
  • Cheat at darts (if the dart hits in a high-scoring area, make it immediately fall out, as though it had bounced)
  • Cheat at cards (if a player has [insert qualities of good hands], signal by [something innocuous]).
  • Impress ladies (pluck a rose bud from that bush and deliver it to said lady)
  • Pretend to be a fortune teller (use unseen servant to operate a Ouija Board, dowsing rod/pendant, or other such common divination tool).
  • Pretend you are a powerful warrior with highly enchanted gear (have the servant unsheath my sword and place the hilt in my hand - "See? I even have a Loyal Sword!")
  • Get subtle revenge on jerks at a bar (spill his drink every time he sets it down)
  • Perform camp chores (start fire, haul wood for fire, pound tent stakes and set up tents)
  • Fetch my [whatever i need]
  • Drag a bag of rocks along the ground 100' in front of party to set off any traps that may exist that are set off by weight.
  • Hold that lever so it does/n't move so the party can get by
  • Press that suspicious button over there
  • Carry this torch for me so I have both hands free
  • Start a bar brawl (pinch the waitress' ass, or lift her skirt)
  • Turn the water faucet in the shower of the arrogant, stuck-up fighter to cold once his shower has begun.
  • Place this poison ivy within the fighter's full plate, and rub it into his armor padding.
  • Drizzle brandy-wine along the top of the mirror so it looks like blood dripping down from above.
  • Close the door behind me and flutter my cape as I pose for my Grand Entrance.
  • Throw glitter into the air as I strike my manly pose
  • Light, then drop, this smokestick with the torch you are carrying when I yell 'NINJA VANISH!'
  • Untie that obnoxious oaf's boots, and tie the string from the left boot to the string from the right boot
  • Undo, but do not remove, his belt buckle as well
  • Undo the fastening on his backpack, but do not take anything from it
  • Drop this 'mickie pill' into his drink when he isn't looking
  • Apply a potion of healing or goodberry to a wounded ally
Mending Uses
  • Craft cuffs with no opening, then break them. When ready for use, clap them on someone then mend them back together again.
  • Break an object and hide something in it. Then mend it with said object inside (brown mold in ceramic?)
  • Tear up a document to protect from prying eyes, then piece it together again later
  • Use an object as identification: break it in half, give half to someone, then put the pieces back together to identify the person later
  • Hobble a wagon wheel and take a piece so it can’t be moved, then mend it when you need the wagon again.
  • Fix broken arrows instead of buying more
  • Tie rope together or mend torn fabric
  • Fix things you broke breaking into places
Prestidigitation Uses
  • Camouflage a thief’s gear (or even the character) to help with sneak
  • Make a silver coin appear gold for trading (just make sure you leave town quick!)
  • Create a copy of a key
  • Make a non-magic version of a magic item
  • Light a Molotov cocktail (then use mage hand to launch it)
  • Douse someone in water
  • Snuff out all the candles to sneak through the room
  • Heat an enemy’s weapon (at DM discretion)
  • Change the language on a scroll (at DM discretion)
  • Make a room smell bad to force occupants to leave
  • Mark someone or something with a sigil to easily recognize it
  • Fake a “truth stone” that changes color when someone lies (requires bluff)
  • Make a town statue ‘cry’ blood
  • Add a bitter ‘poison’ flavor to a drink to convince someone to buy an ‘antidote’ (which may or may not actually be the poison)
Mage Hand uses
  • Pick someone’s pocket
  • Steal the spell components from a mage in battle
  • Disarm an unaware enemy (Steal their sword; dump out their quiver)
  • Poke someone to distract them
  • Trigger a trap from a safe distance
  • Hand out potions in battle
  • Attach a grappling hook
  • Tie someone’s shoe laces together
  • Drop poison into a glass
  • Pull down someone’s pants