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Player Description

The Dragons of the world are incredibly influential. They are practically immortal in years and bow only to certain gods, such is their power. Through endless generations of plotting and scheming they have reached an incredible amount of wealth and influence in a world of the mortal races.

  • There are three categories of magic in the world: Divine, Pagan, and Dragon (Arcane)
  • Divine as expected, covers things cast by Clerics, Paladins, and some Druids/Rangers.
  • Pagan covers magic used by Warlocks and most Druids/Rangers
  • Dragon magic is Arcane magic.. what Bards, Wizards, Sorcerers and others use

You are not affected by this for the most part, but here are some key points: * Artificers are finding a way to harness arcane magic without channeling directly themselves. Where the rumors of this exist it's widely met with either hope or fear depending on how people feel the dragons will react. If your party contains an artificer you may need to consider this. Potions (a form of alchemy) are practically non-existent in this world. Those who have or use them usually serve a dragon.

  • Scrolls are also kept under pretty strict supervisions. Wizards and others who create them usually serve a powerful dragon

  • The Gods are worshiped openly but open devotion to them is not common. There is a balance of power with the Dragons who allow churches everywhere and accept that they are not gods nor can control them. But in cities in particular, temples are discouraged from active recruitment and are kept from exerting too much influence.

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There be Dragons

Forgotten Realms Map

The Dragons

Big Bird
An Ancient Yellow Dragon. Like many yellow dragons, she is secretive and all about self preservation. Gheldenath resides in her territory and she does not like it. She covets information to gain an upper hand and her servants are usually very nondescript or even unwilling. Rumor has it she has more than 10% of every thieves' guild in her employ though none know each other.

Goals: Pawns: Mannerisms: Key Servants: Capital City:

Big Red
An Ancient Red Dragon. Like most red dragons, Big Red is evil and vain. He covets beautiful things and goes to extremes to acquire ancient artifacts that he finds beautiful.

An Ancient Green Dragon and master manipulator. If there's a plot, you can rest assured Spearmint has a hand it. He also employs spies, but unlike Big Bird he has a diplomatic arm in each city. His corps tend to be highly charismatic and manipulative. They are good at using any means to get information including force, bribery or seduction. Servants are difficult to identify publicly though all have some telltale green.

Spearmint, covets adoration and encourages a large population, overt worship as a deity, and wages war as need to gain territory.

Black Knight
An Ancient Black Dragon. Very militaristic. His military units are known as banner lords and their members wear intimidating full plate armor. Lesser grunts wear half plate. He's successful, ruthless, ambitious and sadistic.


  • There be Dragons Location

  • Djerad Thymar

  • Caves outside Druid Grove

  • Druid Grove

  • Skyclave

  • Graveyard

  • Gheldenath

  • Silverymoon trail

  • Ruins of Skuld