Create a custom item which you can equip or give to another PC you manage.

Item Description PC's using Actions
Circlet of Extinguishing 1 View
Dryad’s harp A harp with little vines for strings and a oaken body with stray leaves. It appears to be alive requiring water and light to sustain itself. It’s leaves changing with the seasons and it blooms in the spring. If broken or damaged, it will slowly but surely repair itself. 0 View
Handaxe 1 View
Healing Potion Recipe [Forest] African Tulip, Bani, Batino, Neem,Opossum, 25gp and 7 days 1 View
Mud Bomb Use one action to activate and throw this polished mud sphere, turning 15 square feet of ground from point of contact into a mud trap, reducing the speed of any creature caught in it to 5 feet. 1 View
Oaken block A small brick of clay that will harden into solid oak wood after being exposed to moonlight. Druidic covens carve the clay into tools and the like before letting it harden. There should be more of this somewhere. 1 View
Olive Crown A crown made of olive branches that never decay. The wearer is deceptively charming (Grants advantage on diplomacy checks). A few fresh olives pop off the branches every day. 0 View