By viniosity

The PAc-Hack** is a traditional tabletop roleplaying game, set in an atomic wasteland where mutants, machines, marauders, and awakened plants roam the charred earth trying to survive. It is played with paper, pencils, some dice and a hefty dose of imagination.

Core Rules

Ability Scores

Whenever a character tries to do something that is risky and could result in a failure, you test the character most relevant attribute attribute: Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), Constitution (CON), Intelligence (INT), Wisdom (WIS), or Charisma (CHA). To make a test, you must roll below the attribute on a d20.

Advantage & Disadvantage

The Game Master (GM) may decide that a particular course of action or task has a higher or lower chance of success. They will ask a player to roll an additional d20 when making a test - with advantage the lower result is used and with disadvantage, the higher.

Usage die

Any item listed in the equipment section that has a Usage die is considered a consumable, limited item. When that item is used the next Turn its Usage die is rolled. If the roll is 1-2 then the Usage Die is downgraded to the next lower die in the following chain: d20 > d12 > d10 > d8 > d6 > d4. When you roll a 1-2 on a d4 the item is expended and the character has no more of it left. The same thing goes for any:

  • Ability Die (powers, modules, abilities)
  • Quality Die (equipment, vehicles)
  • Radiation Die (exposure to radiation)


Adventurers learn through defeating and overcoming obstacles. Grinding the same old thing won't bring a revelation of learning to someone. Surviving a bunker expedition, completing a mission or simply living to tell the tale are the things that bring perspective and growth. The old experience system has been completely discarded.

Gaining levels

For every session, bunker level, dangerous mission and/or major event the character survives they gain a level. The GM will decide which, and it's recommended that this decision remains more or less a constant throughout the campaign - and a GM should be clear and upfront with the players so they know where the "goalposts" are. When a character levels up, their maximum Hit Points increase by rolling the Hit Die for the class. A player should also roll a d20 for each Stat. If the result is higher - that Stat increases by 1.


Rather than track precise numbers, The PAc-Hack uses 4 abstract ranges for measuring distances. Close, Nearby, Far-Away and Distant. If you want to use existing modules, new and old, with more defined movement rates or measures, use the following table as a guide:

0 - 5ft 5 - 30ft 30 - 120ft > 120'
Pure Strain Humans

Character Creation

Choose a race

There are 5 classes to play as and choose from: Human, Mutant, Robot, Plantoid and Psion. Your class determines your Hit Points and unique abilities. Characters start at Level 0. It is suggested that if you run 5 characters per player if your first adventure is a funnel.

Roll attributes

Pure Strain Humans Pure Strain Humans are descendants of wealthy humans who were genetically modified to make them better than the common folk. They boast immunity to radiation, tend to be attractive, and gain a few other perks due to their heritage. They typically range from 5' to 6' though some better nourished ones may grow taller.

Starting Attributes:

Roll 4d6 and drop the lowest die for each attribute. Once the stats are generated they may all be swapped around freely. Afterward, add 1 point to any attribute under 15 and 1 point to CHA (max 19).

Level 0 HP: d8 + CON/4 (min 1)
HP recovered after 6 hours resting: 1d8
Radiation die: N/A (see below)

Special Features

Elitist: Pure Strain Humans roll all CHA tests with advantage
Control Robot: A Human can spend an action to attempt to Control a Nearby Robot by testing their CHA and adding the targets level to the roll. e.g. You have a 15 Charisma and are trying to control a 4th level robot. You must roll 11 or under (with advantage) to succeed.
Privileged Gain 2d6 extra slugs and can select their apprenticeship. Pure Strain Humans don't suffer mutations or radiation damage from any source during play.
Survivor Start with 1 perk.

Leveling up

  • Gain 1d8 HP + CON/4 (min 1)
  • Roll to see if attributes increase. Roll twice for STR, DEX, and WIS.
  • Every 3 levels, pick 1 perk.

Mutants Mutants vary wildly. Some have extra appendages others share forms or attributes with animals or plant life. Most mutants that adventure are between 3' and 7' tall with the average height being similar to Pure Strain Humans.

Starting Attributes:

Roll a single d20 for each stat. Reroll all results of 1 and 20.

Level 0 HP: d6 + CON/4 (min 1)
HP recovered after 6 hours resting: 1d6
Radiation die: d10


Mutants start the game with 1 randomly chosen Mutations and an Ability Die of d4. This die is refreshed after a long rest. To use a Mutation, first test the attributes that corresponds with what you are attempting to do, then roll the Ability Die to check if it decreases a step. Reactive Mutations (R) can be triggered even when it isn't the targeted player's turn, and counts as a free action. Players are encouraged to be creative with how they use their Mutations by making them stronger, altering their effects etc. Depending on the power of the effect, such tests can be at a Disadvantage. If a roll of 20 is made while using a Mutation, the Mutation fails spectacularly. It may permanently alter the Mutant's appearance, have the opposite effect, targets an ally, etc. at the GM’s discretion.

Mutations Effect
1. Chameleon Blend into environment to gain advantage on stealth test.
2. Winged Gain ability to fly up to far-away range.
3. Super Permanently increase one attribute by 2 to a max of 20.
4. Extendable Claws Unarmed attack deals d8+level damage. Concealable at will.
5. Electrical Attack that deal electrical damage for d6+level up to close range.
6. Sonar Instant sound-based echolocation up to far-away.
7. Magnetism Attract/repel small, metallic object from/to up to nearby distance. Ranged attack with object does unarmed+level damage.
8. Stretching Mutant can elongate limbs or body up to 5' in any direction.
9. Climber Stick to walls and climb vertical surfaces as regular movement.
10. Adrenal Gland (R) Act first in Combat Initiative.
11. Web Ranged attack snares prey nearby.
12. Exoskeleton (R) Gain 2 AC for the next turn.
13. Extra limbs Take 1d4 extra appendages of your choice including where they grow from.
14. Vampiric Unarmed attack deals d6+level damage and heals the Mutant with half the amount.
15. Long Tail Advantage on Balance test. Ability to grab small objects within close range.
16. Quick Can attack twice per round with melee attacks and move twice as fast.
17. Regeneration (R) Pass CON test to heal d6+level hit points.
18. Cryokinesis Ranged attacks that deal cold damage for d6+level up to nearby.
19. Pyrokinesis Ranged attacks that deal fire damage for d6+level up to nearby.
20. Amphibian Breathe underwater for 2 hours. Advantage on tests for moving in water.

Special features

Adaptive: Upon leveling up, a Mutant can swap two attributes around.
Used to the Glow: Mutants exposed to Radiation roll their Radiation Die with Advantage.

Leveling Up

  • Gain 1d6 HP + CON/4 (minimum 1).
  • Roll to see if attributes increase. Roll 1d6 to determine what attribute to roll twice for.
  • Increase the Ability Die one step on even levels.
  • Optionally gain a random Mutation on odd levels, to a max of five. When gaining a sixth Mutation, that one replaces the old one.
  • Every 4 levels, pick 1 perk.

Plantoids After the events of the apocalypse, some plant material merged with humanoid DNA and gave rise to a new type of species. Though they can resemble humans some are covered in bark while others sprout flowers and give off fragrances. As varied as their appearance can be, adventuring plantoids are mostly 3' to 8' tall and are able to move.

Starting Attributes:

Roll 18d6 and distribute stats as desired. Maximum value for any stat is 18 and minimum is 2.

Level 0 HP: d6 + CON/4 (min 1) HP recovered after 6 hours resting: 1d6 Radiation die: d10


Plantoids start the game with 1 randomly chosen Adaptation and an Ability Die of d4. This die is refreshed after a long rest. To use an Adaptation, first test the attribute that corresponds with what you are attempting to do, then roll the Ability Die to check if it decreases a step.

Reactive Adaptations (R) can be triggered even when it isn't the targeted player's turn, and counts as a free action. Players are encouraged to be creative with how they use their Adaptations by making them stronger, altering their effects, etc. Depending on the power of the effect, such tests can be at a Disadvantage. If a roll of 20 is made while using an Adaption, the Adaption cannot be used again until the character finishes a long rest.

Adaptations Effect
1. Thorns (R) Sprout thorns doing 1d6+level damage to any foe who damages you with a melee attack
2. Fragrant Gain advantage on test to influence target.
3. Poison Leaves Unarmed attack poisons target. Plantoid player chooses poison.
4. Sharp Branches Unarmed attack deals d8+level damage. Concealable at will.
5. Shooting Thorns Ranged attack shoots thorns up to nearby range for 1d6+level damage.
6. Regrowth Regain HP, regrow lost limbs, fix disfigured conditions on a short rest.
7. Control Plants Exert control over other Plantoids or animate dormant plants to obey a simple command.
8. Fast Growth Plantoid can elongate limbs or body up to 5' in any direction.
9. Creeping Vine Advantage on Climbing test.
10. Sap Gland (R) Cause sticky sap to bind 1d4 targets
11. Deep Roots Encase yourself in a protective pod, you are unable to move but have AC 5+level while in this form.
12. Barkskin Gain level/2 AC for the next turn unless wearing armor. (min 1, max 6)
13. Speak with Nature You can have basic, two word conversations with animals and plants. You gain no influence over them, however.
14. Flower Power Sprout flowers that produce an effect. E.g. glow, hum, bite, create a soft breeze or foul smell.
15. Insect Cloud (R) Insects swarm around you and provide advantage against attacks.
16. Pheromone Glands Charm nearby target to make him or her desire you.
17. Regeneration Pass CON test to heal d6+level hit points.
18. Spore Cloud (R) The attack against you is made at disadvantage.
19. Grasping Vines Cause vines to reach out from the earth and entangle all nearby in a 20' area restricting movement
20. Commune Link with distant plants and perceive using your own sensory abilities. Only usable when plants are nearby.

Special features

Photosynthesis Sunlight replaces food.
Foreign Mind Mental attacks against Plantoids are taken at Disadvantage

Leveling up

  • Gain 1d6 HP + CON/4 (minimum 1).
  • Roll to see if attributes increase. Roll 1d6 to determine what attribute to roll twice for.
  • Increase the Ability Die one step on even levels.
  • Optionally gain a random Adaptation on odd levels, to a max of four. When gaining a fifth Adaptation, that one replaces the old one.
  • Every 4 levels, pick 1 perk.

Psions looks like most other Pure Strain Humans but have developed mental gifts allowing them to manipulate people, objects, and sometimes the environment using only their minds.

Starting Attributes:

Roll 2d6+2 for STR, DEX and CON and roll 4d6 and drop the lowest die for INT, WIS and CHA. Once all stats are generated two may be swapped around.

Level 0 HP: d4 + CON/4 (min 1)
HP recovered after 6 hours resting: 1d4
Radiation die: d10

Psionic powers

Psions start the game with one randomly selected Psionic Power and an Ability Die of d4. This die is refreshed after a long meditation (rest). To use these, first test the attribute that corresponds with what you are attempting to do, then roll the Ability Die to check if it decreases a step. Reactive Psionic Powers (R) can be triggered even when it isn't the targeted player's turn, and counts as a free action. Players are encouraged to be creative with how they use their Psionic Powers by making them stronger, altering their effects etc. Depending on the power of the effect, such tests can be at a Disadvantage. If a roll of 20 is made while using a Psionic Power, it fails spectacularly. The user blacks out, targets an ally, the Psionic Power has the opposite effect etc, at the GM’s discretion. Robots, constructs or other mindless creatures are immune to Psionic Powers, unless otherwise stated.

Psionic powers Effect
1. Mental Domination Target that is close must obey one simple command.
2. Healing Energy Heal nearby target for d6+level HP.
3. Nightmare Visions Nearby target panics and tries to run away and/or hide.
4. Cryokinesis Nearby target takes 1d6+level cold damage and risks paralyzation.
5. Pyrokinesis Nearby target takes 1d6+level fire damage.
6. Empathy Influence nearby target's mood.
7. Telepathy Read nearby target's mind.
8. Telekinetic Manipulate nearby small to medium size object.
9. Psi-Blast Target takes d10+level damage. Up to far-away range.
10. Sleep 1d4 nearby target falls asleep.
11. Force Field All nearby allies gain 2 AC for one turn.
12. Illusion Influence what nearby target sees.
13. Sound Imitation Influence what nearby target hears and from where.
14. Life Leech Nearby target takes d6+level damage. User heals same amount.
15. Directional Sense Psionic knows which way is north, where the closest exit is and cannot get lost.
16. Clairvoyance Get a brief glimpse of a place the Psionic has been before.
17. Levitation Levitate up to nearby distance.
18. Control Light Bend light to gain Advantage on stealth test.
19. Teleportation Teleport up to nearby distance.
20. Weather Control Change local weather from cloudy to rain, rain to thunder etc.

Special features

Mental Fortitude: Roll with Advantage when testing to avoid damage or effects from Psionic sources. Precognition: Psionics can choose to reroll one roll per session and will do so with Advantage.

Leveling up

  • Gain 1d4 HP + CON/4 (minimum 1).
  • Roll to see if attributes increase. Roll twice for INT and WIS.
  • Increase the Ability die one step on odd levels.
  • Optionally gain a random Psionic Power on even levels, to a max of five. When gaining a sixth Psionic Power, that one replaces an old one.
  • Every 4 levels, pick 1 perk.

Robots Constructs from a time gone by or experiments from advanced Pure Strain Humans, robots vary quite a bit in composition. As varied as their appearance can be, adventuring robots are mostly 1' to 10' tall and are able to move.

Starting Attributes:

Robots don't get to roll, but instead generate their attributes with a point-buy system. Their starting stats begin at 8, and they have 27 points to spend to increase them. Raising a stat above 13 costs 2 points, Above 14 costs 3 points, above 15 cost 4 points, and so on. Robots cannot raise a single stat above 18.

Level 0 HP: d10 + CON/4 (min 1)
HP recovered after 6 hours repair: 1d10 (Robots use Scrap to perform self-repair instead of resting)
Radiation die: N/A (see below)


Robots start the game with two Modules of their choice and an Ability Die of d4. This die is renewed after running a thorough database diagnosis routine (rest). To use a Module, first test the attribute that corresponds with what you are attempting to do, then roll the Ability Die to check if it decreases a step. Reactive Modules (R) can be triggered even when it isn't the targeted player's turn, and counts as a free action. Players are encouraged to be creative with how they use their Modules by making them stronger, altering their effects etc. Depending on the power of the effect, such tests can be at a Disadvantage. If a roll of 20 is made while using a Module, the module fails spectacularly. The robot shuts down temporarily, has module has the opposite effect, targets an ally, etc. at the GM’s discretion.

Modules Effect
1. Optical Holoflage Mimic surroundings to gain advantage on stealth test.
2. Jet Booster Gain ability to fly up to nearby range.
3. Toxin Injector Unarmed attack poisons target. Robot player chooses poison.
4. Double Processors Advantage on INT/WIS check.
5. Multiple Limbs Ability to attack twice.
6. Laser Beam Shoot energy beam up to far-away range for D6+level damage.
7. Electric Pulse Discharge Lowers the Ability Die one step to cause d6+level damage to everyone nearby.
8. First Aid Procedure Test INT to heal d6+level damage to organic target.
9. Reactive Armor Plating (R) Gain Level/2 AC for the next minute (min 1/max 8) Does not stack.
10. Night Vision Optics See in the dark for 10 minutes.
11. Loudspeaker Shout short command with booming voice, can be heard for miles.
12. Drone Bay Release and control small flying drone: 10 STR, 10 DEX, 10 HP and does d4 damage. All commands requires rolling the Ability Die.
13. Auto-Repair Prompt Repairs self for d6+level health.
14. Laser Targeting Systems Gain Advantage against one enemy until it is defeated. Only one enemy at a time.
15. Energy Shield All close allies gains 2 AC until end of the turn.
16. Temperature Adjustment Device Set fire to/freeze an object. Deal d6+level fire/freezing damage to target.
17. Decontaminate Refresh target's Radiation Die by one step.
18. Anti EMP Padding (R) Advantage against EMP-based attacks.
19. Plasma Cannon Deals 3d6+level damage, and lowers Ability Die by two steps.
20. Satellite Uplink Contact satellite in orbit for cryptic information on one subject. Limited to one use per day.

Special features

Mechanical: Robots are immune to all mental or biological attacks and radiation. They don't require air, food, water or sleep.
Metal skin: Robots have a natural AC of 4 but may not wear armor.

Leveling up

  • Gain 1d10 + CON/4 HP (minimum 1)
  • Roll to see if attributes increase. Decide what attribute to roll twice for then spend one Scrap+level to either increase the Ability Die one step or gain a Module of choice to a maximum of four. When gaining a fifth module, that one replaces an old one.
  • Every 4 levels, pick 1 perk.

Start the game with one randomly selected Apprenticeship that represents what the character did for a living before he or she started adventuring as well as starting equipment. Any tests made by a player that falls under that Apprenticeship have Advantage (GM's discretion). A character may spend a year as an apprentice before taking a job in that area. Give yourself 1 point in the skills listed for each year you pursue the career full-time. Daily pay (in slugs) as a full-time worker is noted in the table below.

Apprenticeship $ Skills Starting equipment
1. Water Merchant 4 Animal Handling Water Container (d10), Map to the location of a source of clean water.
2. Caravan Guard 3 Awareness Light Armor, List of nearby settlements.
3. Raider 4 Athletics medium weapon (ranged or melee), d4 doses of combat-related Drug of choice.
4. Mechanic 4 Crafting, Literacy Big Wrench (Medium Melee).
5. Survivalist 2 Survival Water Canteen (d6), Hunting Knife (Light Melee). Compass.
6. Shaman 2 Medicine, Survival Medical Herbs (d6), Pipe for smoking.
7. Sniper 3 Awareness, Thieving One half of a pair of Binoculars.
8. Gladiator 3 Athletics Brass Knuckles (Light Melee).
9. Hunter 3 Animal Handling, Survival A small but vicious Hyena (d4+2 HP).
10. Farmer 3 Animal Handling, Survival Simple farm implement like a spade or hoe.
11. Scavenger 3 Survival 3d6 Scrap.
12. Drug Dealer 5 Awareness, Carousing, Thieving d4 Drugs of choice and a debt to someone unpleasant.
13. Smuggler 5 Thieving 2d6 x 10 extra Slugs and a debt to someone powerful.
14. Minstrel 3 Art, Carousing Make-up set (d6) or Musical Instrument.
15. Archivist 2 Literacy Stack of old Books and a pair of Glasses.
16. Medic 4 Medicine Scalpel (Light Melee).
17. Butcher 3 Survival Meat Cleaver (Medium Melee).
18. Driver 2 Driving Keys to a vehicle you lost during a bet.
19. Cultist 2 Carousing, Thieving Glowing Water (d6) and Holy Symbol (Describe it).
20. Common Thief 2 Carousing, Thieving 2d6 extra slugs.
21. Cook 2 Literacy, Survival 1 week of food. Apron. Frying pan.
22. Servant 2 Awareness, Carousing, Literacy Nicer clothing. Keys to a destroyed house.
23. Blacksmith 3 Crafting Forge Hammer (Medium Melee). Leather Apron.
24. Fletcher 3 Crafting Sharp knife (Light Melee). Dozen bird feathers.
25. Stripper 5 Carousing, Crafting Make-up set (d8). Set of evocative clothing. Handheld fan.
26. Bartender 3 Carousing, Literacy 1/2 litre alcohol and a shot glass.
27. Politician 6 Carousing, Literacy, Thieving Book, candle, and small bell.
28. Teacher 2 Literacy, choose 1 more Simple implement related to your subject (eg map, book, ruler)
29. Cobbler 3 Crafting Fine boots.
30. Leather Tanner 3 Crafting Leather scraper, wooden bucket.
31. Chemist 3 Alchemy Gunpowder to make 2d6 slugs.
32. Soap Maker 3 Alchemy Wooden stirring spoon (Light Melee)
33. Carpenter 3 Crafting Hand drill and 1/4" drill bit
34. Gunsmith 3 Crafting Armorer's wrench (Light Melee), 1d4 extra Slugs
35. Engineer 3 Crafting, Literacy, Notebook, Mechanical pencil, Protractor
36. Rancher 3 Animal Handling Cattle prod (Light Melee)
37. Lawman 3 Awareness, Literacy Old badge, baton (Light Melee), 1d4 extra Slugs
38. Sewer 2 Crafting Needle, thread, and 1 sq foot of cloth.
39. Sailor 3 Survival Sextant. Hat. Map of distant ports.
40. Soldier 3 Athletics, Survival Medium Armor, 1d6 extra Slugs.
41. Programmer 3 Literacy Old laptop with solar cell battery
42. Town Crier 1 Carousing Mechanical or solar powered watch
43. Electrician 3 Crafting Wire stripper, 6' of copper wire.
44. Lumberjack 3 Crafting Axe (Medium Melee)
45. Traveling Merchant 4 Literacy 1d6 extra Slugs. Transport animal (e.g mule, camel)
46. Beekeeper 2 Animal Handling Beekeeper hat. 8 oz raw honey
47. Smelter 3 Crafting 2d6 scrap, heavy insulated gloves
48. Bouncer 2 Athletics 1d4 extra slugs, club (Light Melee)
49-59. Manual laborer 2 Athletics tough boots, padded gloves
60. Angler 3 Awareness, Survival fishing pole, hook, net
61. Animal Trainer 2 Animal Handling bullwhip (close ranged) or riding crop (Light Melee)
62. Prostitute 4 Survival, Thieving Make-up set (d10), set of promiscuous clothing
63. Shopkeeper 3 Literacy BB Gun and 40 ammo (Light ranged)
64. Mason 3 Crafting Spade, water level tool
65. Psychic 2 Literacy, Thieving Cracked glass ball, robe, Make-up set (d4)
66. Gambler 2 Carousing, Literacy, Thieving Deck of cards, set of dice, bottle of drinking alcohol
67. Barber 2 Carousing, Crafting Dull scissors, cracked mirror
68. Gardener 2 Survival stale herbs
69. Messenger 2 Awareness, Survival solid boots, backpack, map to nearby towns
70. Potter 2 Crafting Apron, Fettling knife (Light Melee)
71. Scribe 2 Literacy Ballpoint pen, worn notebook
72. Banker 3 Literacy, Thieving 1d6 slugs, abacus
73. Candlemaker 2 Alchemy d6 candles, 1’ cotton string
74. Glass blower 3 Alchemy Glass vial with stopper
75. Lore keeper 2 Literacy Two books of historical text
76. Prospector 2 Awareness precious metal worth d6 extra slugs
77. Miner 2 Athletics mining pick (Medium Melee)
78. Hot air balloon pilot 3 Awareness high altitude goggles
79. Artist 1 Art paintbrush, 1 sq foot piece of canvas
80. Architect 3 Literacy pencil set, protractor
81. Carriage maker 3 Crafting wheel spoke
82. Rope maker 2 Crafting 30 ‘ rope
83. Fellmonger 2 Crafting 1 sq foot raw animal hide
84. Launderer 2 Alchemy Wash tub with small hole
85. Test Dummy 3 Athletics, Survival d4 of one drug
86. Weaver 3 Crafting Raw cotton worth d6 slugs
87. Lawyer 3 Carousing, Literacy Book of laws from local area
88. Coroner 2 Literacy, Medicine Magnifying glass, bonesaw
89. Baker 3 Literacy, Survival small bag of sugar, measuring cup
90. Rigger 2 Crafting 10’ of rope
91. Tailor 3 Crafting measuring tape, safety pin
92. Coal maker 3 Alchemy 2 pieces of charcoal
93. Bookkeeper 3 Literacy pen, blank page of ledger
94. Bicycle Mechanic 3 Crafting small wrench, bicycle chain
95. Urchin 1 Awareness, Thieving information about a someone unpleasant
96. Courtesan 8 Carousing, Literacy, Thieving Make-up set (d8), information about someone powerful
97. Brewer 3 Alchemy canteen filled with ale
98. Winemaker 3 Alchemy wineskin of red wine
99. Pharmacologist 3 Alchemy d4 Drugs of choice
100. Jailer 2 Carousing baton (Light Melee), prison guard hat

Buy equipment

In addition to being a currency, Slugs are also used as ammunition for most standard firearms. Level 0 Characters start with a light melee weapon and 1d4 Slugs. Characters also start with a set of dirty clothes or their own description and other equipment listed in their class description.

Item Cost Usage die Notes
Light Armor 50 d4 Armor Class 2.
Light Armor 60 d6 Armor Class 2.
Light Armor 80 d8 Armor Class 2.
Light Armor 100 d10 Armor Class 2.
Medium Armor 100 d4 Armor Class 4
Medium Armor 150 d6 Armor Class 4
Medium Armor 200 d8 Armor Class 4
Medium Armor 250 d10 Armor Class 4
Heavy Armor 350 d4 Armor Class 6.
Heavy Armor 550 d6 Armor Class 6.
Heavy Armor 800 d8 Armor Class 6.
Heavy Armor 1000 d10 Armor Class 6.
Tech Armor * - *
Shield Small/Large 50/100 - 1/2 Armor Class.
Backpack 5 - Carry +2 extra.
Can of Gasoline 100 d6 Fuel for Vehicles.
Work Tools 5 - -
Glowing Water 10 d6 Religious item.
Rusty Spikes 1 - -
Flashlight 15 - -
Batteries 20 d8 -
Handheld mirror 5 - -
Canned Food 15 d8 -
Fresh Food 5 d4 -
Fresh Water 15 d8 -
50' Rope 1 - -
Small Sack 1 - -
Large Sack 2 - -
Scrap 10 - Repair component.
Lighter 5 d6 -
Torches (6) 1 d6 Each Torch has a Usage Die.
Booze 100 d4 Can be used as fuel.
Tub Wine 10 - -
Assorted Herbs 10 d8 -
10' Pole 1 - -
Pack of Arrows / Bolts 5 - 10 Arrows per quiver.


A character can carry a number of items equal to their STR with no issues. Carrying more than this amount means they are encumbered and all attribute tests are taken with Disadvantage - you can also only ever move to somewhere Nearby. A character simply cannot carry more than double their STR.

Equipment quality & degradation

Whenever weapons and armor is found or about to be bought, roll a d8 on the table below to see what its Quality Die is. The GM will increase or decrease the cost of equipment by 5-25 Slugs, depending on its quality. When rolling an attack roll of 20 or when dealing maximum damage with a Melee Weapon, test the corresponding Quality Die to see if the weapon breaks. When rolling an attack roll of 20 with a Ranged Weapon, test the corresponding Quality Die to see if the weapon breaks. When an enemy rolls a 1 on an attack, test the corresponding Quality Die to see if the PC’s armor breaks. Equipment can be repaired by using Scrap and testing INT. A successful test increases the Quality Die by one step, to a maximum of D8. Whenever equipment is used in ways that could harm it, test the Quality Die.

Result Quality die
1-3 d4
4-5 d6
6-7 d8
8 d10

Armor Class

Armor provides protection by reducing all incoming damage and comes in 4 different kinds: Light, Medium, Heavy and Tech. Each point of Armor Class (AC) will reduce the chance of an attack causing damage. The players are encouraged to describe the kind of armor the characters are wearing and what it's made of.

Type AC Desc.
Light 2 Thick denim, pre-war work clothes, animal hides.
Medium 4 Leather Jacket, Metal cans bolted together, Pieces of Plastic.
Heavy 6 Riot Gear, Tires, Metal Sheets.
Tech * HAZMAT suit, Power Armor, Jet-Pack.
Small shield 1 Traffic Sign, Corrugated Metal.
Large shield 2 Car Door, Sewer Lid.

Enemies usually have 1 AC for every HD above 1. To figure this out quickly simply -1 from their HD. For example: A 3 HD enemy has an Armor Class of 2. Humanoid enemies can also carry shields. (All to a maximum of AC 10)

*Read more about Tech equipment in the Game Master’s Section.


Weapon Cost Example Notes
Unarmed Melee 0 Punches, Kicks 1d2.
Light Melee 15 Knife, Shiv, Brass Knuckles 1d4.
Medium Melee 25 Machete, Sword 1d8.
Heavy Melee 100 Two-Handed Sword 1d12.
Tech Melee * Vibro Dagger, Energy Axe, Stun Whip *
Light Ranged 25 Slingshot, Hand Crossbow, BB Gun 1d4. Arrows and stones are plentiful and easy to come by. Nearby range.
Medium Ranged 50 Hunting bow, Pistols 1d8. Up to Far-away range.
Heavy Ranged 150 > .38 Guns, Ballista 1d12. Ranges from Nearby (Shotgun) to Distant (Sniper Rifle).
Tech Ranged * Riot Pistol, Needler, Laser Rifle *

* Read more about Tech equipment in the Tech section. ** Read more about Full Auto Fire below.

Full auto fire

Fully automated guns, such as SMGs and machine guns give the player the option to use Full Auto Fire. First roll the quality die for the weapon and note its result - you can make that many attacks with this weapon in a row, until it jams and you have to stop shooting. Fixing a gun that is jammed when in combat takes a round. Don't forget that Full Auto Fire uses one Slug per attack made.



Time & turns

There are 2 important types of tracked time: Rounds and Turns. Rounds are used during combat and fast paced scenes of danger and Turns are used when exploring and adventuring. A GM may advance the clock as needed should the adventure require it.


When combat breaks out, everyone must be sorted into an order so they each get to act and react in turn. Every character tests their DEX, those that succeed, take their turn before their opponents. They must then act as a group - deciding their own order for actions. Those that fail their DEX tests, go after their opponents.

Player's turn

During a player's turn, a character may attack, make an average move and perform some other small bonus action like dropping or readying a weapon.

These actions are interchangeable from left to right, but not the other way. You can, for example, sacrifice your attack to make two moves and a small action, but you can't sacrifice a small action to get an extra attack. Some actions and abilities require a full round.


On their turn every character can move somewhere Nearby as part of an action, performing that action at any stage of the move. They can forgo their action and move somewhere Far-Away instead. Anything beyond Far-Away can be classified as Distant and would take 3 moves to get to.

Enemy Attacks

Use the table below to determine the attack value of a monster as well as the damage it deals. The GM may of course add special abilities and effects as they see fit. HD represents an enemy's level and the number of d8 rolled to determine its HP.

HD AV AC Damage
1 11 0 d4 (2)
2 12 1 d6 (3)
3 13 2 2d4 (4)
4 14 3 d10 (5)
5 15 4 d12 (6)
6 15 5 d6 + d8 (7)
7 16 6 2d8 (8)
8 16 7 3d6 (9)
9 17 8 2d10 (10)
10 18 9 d10 + d12 (11)

Attacking, defending & damage

When a character attacks an enemy they must roll below their STR stat for a Melee Attack or DEX for a Ranged Attack.

If an enemy has stats and is wearing armor (a NPC), add the enemy AC to your roll instead of using Armor Class. For example, if the PC has a STR of 15 and is attacking an enemy in Light Armor (AC 2), the PC must roll under 15 but adds 2 to the roll and so must roll under 13.

When an enemy attacks, they must roll below their Attack Value (AV) and adds the PC’s AC to their roll. So a 4 HD creature attacking a PC in Medium armor (AC 4) must roll 14 or under but adds 4 (Player's AC) to their roll and so must roll under 10.

To make a Melee Attack an opponent must be Close. Ranged Attacks against Close opponents are possible, but the attacker suffers a Disadvantage. Enemies deal damage based on their HD - refer to the table, but if you'd prefer to use the damage stats listed in a module that you are playing, you can certainly do that instead.

Critical damage

If a player rolls a 1 when making an attack roll, the attack counts as a critical hit which doubles the result of the damage dice they roll. Don't forget to check the Weapon and Armor Quality Die.

Converting saves

The PAc-Hack ignores saves and instead asks the player to roll attribute tests when any environment hazard, trap or potentially harmful effect would impact them - using the table below as a guide.

Physical Harm that cannot be dodged. Physical Harm that can be dodged. Poison, Disease, Radiation or Death.
Psionic abilities. Deception and Illusions. Charming effects.

Death & dying

When a character is reduced to zero Hit Points (HP) they are taken Out of Action (OofA). They are unconscious and cannot make any actions. When the fight is over and/or the characters are out of danger, a character that is taken Out of Action rolls a d8 on the Out of Action table to see what happens to them. If they survive they gain 1d4 HP immediately. That character is now back on their feet and no longer Out of Action.

If the characters lose the fight or are unable to recover the body of a character, their character is lost forever!

Deadlier combat

If you want deadlier combat (and who doesn't), use this following rule: When a character (PC or NPC) takes critical damage, roll on the OofA table. A character that reaches 0 HP dies straight away.

1 KO'd - Knocked out cold.
2 Bump on the Head - Disadvantage on all tests for the next 1d4 minutes.
3 Fractured Bones - STR, DEX and CON are temp. -2 for the next 1d6 days.
4 Cracked Skull - INT and WIS are temp. -2 for the next 1d6 days.
5 Crippled - STR or DEX permanently reduced by 2.
6 Disfigured - CHA is permanently reduced by 2. All CHA tests have Disadvantage, apart from CHA tests to threaten or intimidate.
7 Limb loss - Roll a d6 - 1. Hand, 2. Foot, 3. Arm, 4. Leg, 5. Face (Decrease CHA to 4), 6. Head (and you're probably dead).
8 Dead - Spectacularly eviscerated, blown up, melted, smashed into jelly, etc.


Characters can regain lost Hit Points from Herbs, Drugs, Abilities and in the case of Robot characters, by being repaired. They can never gain more than their maximum - and can never go below zero.


When characters rest for about an hour, they regain 1 step of an ability usage die or can spend an hour to regain 1 step of an equipment usage die if they have the material to repair it . Also once per day, after a 6 hour rest, their Ability Die is completely refreshed and they may roll a Hit Die associated with their class and regain that many HP.

GM's Guide

Game Master’s Section

Drugs & addiction

All drugs take effect immediately after they have been used and last for d6 blissful minutes. When the effect wears off, you get Disadvantage to all INT and WIS tests for the following hour. If any one drug is used more than once per day, a CON test must be passed or the user becomes addicted. An addict must take one hit every 8 hours, or get disadvantage to all INT, WIS and CHA tests. Drugs are normally easy to come by, and the pricing depends entirely on the supply and demand, but normally cost between 20-50 Slugs/dose.

Aggro Gain 10 Temporary HP and get Advantage to all STR tests.
Brainz Advantage to all INT/WIS tests and against Psionic Attacks.
Speed Act first and get Advantage to all DEX tests.
Sweet Advantage to all CHA tests.
Stimpack Instantly heals 2d6 damage.
Cleaner Induces terrible vomiting while curing all addiction. Pass CON test or lose d6 HP.
Rad-Off Refreshes Radiation Die by one step, up to its maximum.
Rad-Screen Gain Advantage when rolling Radiation Die for 1 hour.


When you approach a zone that is glowing from radiation, roll your Radiation Die.

Depending on how close you are to the source of the glow and the level of radiation, roll more or less often - Low, 1/day, Moderate 1/hour, High 1/minute, Extreme 1/round. Reduce CON and Max HP by 2 for each step the radiation die has decreased from its original size. If you roll 1-2 on a radiation die the size of a d4, roll a d6 on the table below.

The radiation die never goes below d4, but a roll on 1-2 still counts as if it was reduced. Certain Tech and drugs mitigate the effects of radiation.

1 Glowing - 1-in-6 chance to gain a random mutation.
2 Skin peel - Disadvantage on all CHA tests for 1 day.
3 Headache - Disadvantage on all INT tests for 1 day and d6 damage.
4 It stings! - Take d8 damage.
5 It burns! - Take d12 damage.
6 I'm melting! - You melt into a glowing, horrible mess (and die).


Poisons come in many different forms and can cause a wide variety of effects on the victim. Most poisons will require a passed CON test to resist and/or neutralize. See table below for examples of poisons:

Venom Victim takes d6 damage every Minute/Turn.
Hallucinogenic Victim hallucinates for 1 hour.
Sleep Victim is knocked out for 8 hours. Can be awakened.
Paralyzing Lose ability to move.

Controlling robots

Humans can attempt to give a nearby robot an order as an action. They must successfully test their CHA for each robot they are attempting to control, adding the Robots' HD to the roll. The GM can also give further modifications, Advantage/Disadvantage to the roll depending on the complexity of the order. Robots that are Controlled by Humans must spend all their actions and movement to obey the command of the Human for 2d4 rounds after being Controlled. After that, their software reboots and they go back to their original command. Robots will normally not obey orders to attack another human being.

Give information about... -
Protect... +1
Unlock/Lock... +2
Attack... +3
Shut down... +4

Random encounters

The GM may roll a d4 every 15 minutes of real world play, or whenever it makes sense in the fiction (when the player characters are being loud). A result of 1-2 means the players will encounter a randomly generated creature or distraction in the following Turn.

Creature reactions

Some creatures and NPCs will have predetermined personalities and goals that will guide a GM when choosing their actions and feelings towards the characters. Those that do not, such as randomly encountered creatures, make a d8 Reaction roll on the following table:

1 Flee then roll again.
2 Avoid the PCs entirely.
3 Trade with PCs.
4 Give the PCs aid.
5 Mistake the PCs for friends.
6 Trick the PCs (roll again).
7 Call for Reinforcements.
8 Capture/Kill/Eat the PCs.


Tech is a collective term for highly advanced, pre-apocalypse equipment that give its owner a variety of beneficial effects and abilities. Tech Weapons might add +2 to any attribute being tested while using it, ignore armor, sets enemies on fire, etc. Tech Armor can provide temporary hit points, protect its user from radiation, automatically inject stimpacks, or other beneficial effects. Most (if not all) Tech rely on a steady supply of Energy Packs, a rare and expensive power supply. An Energy Pack has a d6 Usage Die, but more powerful variations are rumored to exist.

Without these, most tech items simply will not work. When creating your own Tech, try to make the items unique from each other. They are supposed to be powerful, one-of-a-kind equipment that give its owner an edge.

When rolling to see the Quality of Tech, roll a d6 instead of the normal d8.

Understanding tech

To effectively use Tech, you must first understand how it works. Normally it is enough that the player describes how her character experiments with the Tech, but some highly advanced Tech requires a successful INT test to fully understand and make use of. Such a roll is often made with Disadvantage.

Melee Weapon Vibro Dagger Ignores armor. +2 Damage.
Melee Weapon Energy Axe Roll damage dice twice, pick the highest. Exploding Damage.
Melee Weapon Stun Whip Nearby range. Ensnares target on critical hit, dealing damage each round. Non-lethal.
Ranged Weapon Riot Pistol Far-Away range. KOs target on a critical hit. Non-lethal.
Ranged Weapon Needler Can be loaded with different kinds of poisons. Currently loaded with venomous or paralyzing ammo (50%) and 1d12 rounds.
Ranged Weapon Laser Rifle Roll damage dice twice, pick the highest. Distant range.
Armor Jet-Pack User can jump up to Far-Away distance and fly for a short time. Highly unstable. Can be worn over armor.
Armor Power Armor +2 STR, -2 DEX, +2 CON. AC 10. Very loud.
Armor HAZMAT Suit Protects user from radiation.
Item EMP Grenade Causes double damage. Ignores armor. Affects all machines within Nearby range.
Item Energy Cloak Blend into environment to gain Advantage on stealth test.
Item Quantum Communicator Sender and Receiver. Can send short messages one way. Unlimited range.

Vehicles & driving

Everyone can drive a Vehicle, but it takes skill and a successful DEX check to pull off a crazy or daring maneuver behind the wheel. Vehicles have Hit Points and Armor Class.

These can only be repaired if Scrap is used and an INT test is passed. Attack rolls made while in a moving vehicle have Disadvantage, while Defense Rolls have Advantage. When a vehicle reaches 0 Hit Points, roll a d6 on the table on the opposite page.

Moped (S) Fits two people. Slow, but cheap. Beats running. 5 HP. AC 1. d4, ramming damage against smaller targets. 30 Slugs
Dirt Bike (S) Fits two people. Advantage in rough terrain. 8 HP, 1 AC 2, ramming damage against smaller targets. 70 Slugs
Junker Car (M) Fits 4-5 people. 20 HP, AC 6,. d8 ramming damage against smaller targets. 150 Slugs
Pickup Truck (M) Fits 4 people, one in the back. Space for mounted machine gun etc. 40 HP, AC 6. 2d6 ramming damage against smaller targets. 750 Slugs
Armored Van (M) Fits 6-8 people. 60 HP, AC 16,. d12 ramming damage against smaller targets. 350 Slugs
Bigfoot (L) Fits four people. Can safely drive over most other vehicles. 30 HP. AC 6, 3d6 ramming damage against smaller targets. 900 Slugs
Truck (XL) 80 HP. AC 8, Fits four people. 2d10 ramming damage against smaller targets. Slow but nigh unstoppable. 1300 Slugs
Semi-Trailer (XL) Needs a vehicle to drive it. Fits 25+ people or a huge amount of cargo. 40 HP. AC 8. 700 Slugs
1-2 *Come on! * - Can be repaired if d4 Scrap is used.
3-5 *Let’s gut it! * - The wreck is good for 2d6 Scrap.
6 BOOM! Everyone Nearby takes 1d8 damage.
Animal Mutant 1-10 Walking, talking animal. 2 Random mutations, medium ranged or melee weapon.
Ravenous Roach 1 Goes straight for the food, and will eat 1d4 rations of food on a successful attack, instead of dealing damage.
Mind Leeches 1 Swaps minds with target on a 1-in-6 on a successful attack.
Siamese Vulture 1 Targets the lonely, sick and weak. Attacks twice.
Vermin Swarm 1 Crawls all over target and keeps on biting and scratching. Takes double damage from fire based attacks.
Buzz-Drone 1 Attacks from the air with saw-like blades. Has an 3 Temporary Hit Points.
RAD-Head 1 Humanoid whose brain is half melted away by radiation causing madness. Attacks on sight.
Sludge Slaver 2 Aims to enslave and attacks with nets first, then spears.
Raider 2 Can enter drug fueled rage that gives Disadvantage on defense rolls.
Raider Poisoner 2 Sneaks up on lone targets and attacks with poison tipped blades 1d6 + CON test or take d6 damage each round until treated.
Corpse Worm 2 Explodes out of dead bodies and tries to burrow through target with drill-like mouth. Pass STR test or get burrowed through for 1d8 CON damage. Roll on OofA table if CON reaches zero.
Cannibal 2 Pale, lumbering mutants that attack with Light Melee, Ranged and 1 random Mutation.
Cannibal Berserker 2 As above, but attacks in a blood fueled rage (1 round to activate) with two war axes (d6), Defense Rolls are at a Disadvantage.
Cannibal Blood Priest 3 Attacks by channeling mutant blood powers, causing blood to flow out of mouth, eyes and ears of target (d6). CON test or all rolls are at a Disadvantage for 1d4 rounds.
Cryo Wasp 3 Normal attacks are at Disadvantage. Area and fire-based attacks deal double damage. Stinger (d4) freezes target until it passes CON test.
Mushroom Man 3 Inhale its spores to communicate with it mentally. It can cause linked target to experience hallucinations at will.
Glowing Locust Swarm 4 Swarms in the thousands, eats all organic matter. Causes radiation to increase in the area up to Far-Away.
Spitting Lizard 4 Spits corrosive acid that deals d6 each turn until cleaned off.
Jetpack Ravager 4 Attacks with melee as if ranged by sweeping through the air. Blows up for 3d4 damage to everyone Nearby on defeat.
Horror Crab 5 Has 8 Armor Points. Emits nightmare rays hitting d4 Nearby targets when encountered. Pass INT test or get paralyzed from fear until the next combat round.
Gene Cultist 5 Armed with Cell Blaster (d8) that mutates target on full damage. (-2 CON + 1 Random Mutation). Targets humans first.
Gene Brute 6 4 random mutations. Ability to use 2 at the same time.
Pterodactyl 6 Silent hunter. Makes a great mount.
Croaking Pike 7 Half fish, half toad. Hides in dark waters. Loud croaking causes nausea. WIS test or vomit for one round.
Brain Jelly 7 Tentacular blob that floats in the air. Catches intelligent prey for Mind Merge (+1 INT, -2 STR). Easily bored, drops prey from high up.
Desert Whale 8 Crashes through the sand in search of sand-krill. Territorial.
Void Traveler 8 Dormant Cell (d12+2) + Dark Vacuum (No Damage) DEX test or be pulled Close to the Void Traveler for 3d6 Void damage.
Lumbering Tusk 9 Tusk Fire Breath, hits d4 Nearby targets (d10, sets target on fire). Protective of its young.
T-Rex 9 Bite and will swallow prey whole on full damage. Would make an awesome mount, but honestly, good luck with that!
Gargantuan Defender X-81 10 Attacks with Laser Blaster (d10) and Melting Ray (d12 and melts target on max damage).
A New You 11 Almost perfect, albino clone of random member of party. Will appear better than original in every way. Will eventually try to consume original, replacing it completely.
Titanic Slug-Worm 12 Distant, loud tremor is heard a day before arrival. Cracks through the earth causing damage to d4+2 nearby targets. Breathes in and swallows d4+2 nearby targets next round for 1d8 damage. Carries immense wealth inside of its belly.
Melee Weapons
Light (1d4) Medium (1d8) Heavy (1d12)
Baton/Club Baseball Bat Chainsaw
Brass Knuckles Crow Bar Power Fist
Broken Bottle Electronic Cattle Prod Two-handed Axe
Butterfly Knife Machete Two-handed Sword
Claw Hammer Meat Cleaver
Combat Knife One-handed Axe
Frying Pan One-handed Sword
Knife Punch Dagger
Mace Glove Sledge Hammer
Metal Pipe Spiked Knuckles
Shovel Spear
Switchblade Tiger Claws
Whip Sledge Hammer
Ranged Weapons
Light (1d4) Medium (1d8) Heavy (1d12)
BB Gun Dynamite Assault Rifle
Blowgun Flamethrower Grenade
Bola Hunting Bow High caliber Revolver
Boomerang Hunting Rifle Machine-gun
Hand Crossbow Molitov Cocktail Shotgun
Short bow Pistol
Sling Revolver
Slingshot Spear
Throwing Stars
Throwing Knife


You are nimble and capable of moves many aren't. Increase your Dexterity score by 1, to a maximum of 20. Add 1 to your Athletics Skill. You may make easy acrobatic maneuvers at advantage and difficult acrobatic maneuvers without disadvantage.


You are skilled in hiding your emotions and presenting a facade others want to see. Increase your Charisma score by 1, to a maximum of 20. Add 1 to your Art Skill. You may attempt to mimic a voice you are familiar with. That is, you must have heard the creatures voice for at least 8 hours over a course of time.


Working with chemicals is now second nature to you. Increase your Intelligence score by 1, to a maximum of 20. Add 1 to your Alchemy Skill. As an action, you can inspect a drink a chemical composition or drug nearby and determine its effects, provided that you can see and smell it.

Given the ingredients, you can attempt to make any drug or try to create a new one (GM's discretion).

Angry Drunk

It takes you twice as much booze to feel the effects but when you're drunk everyone is out to get you. Foes are much more likely to target you but any attacks you make with a melee weapon do an extra 2 HP of damage. This damage stacks with any other bonuses you have. Any attacks you make with a broken bottle, whether thrown or wielded, critically hits on an 1, 2, or 3.


You have undergone extensive physical training or modifications in your travels. Increase your Strength or Dexterity score by 1, to a maximum of 20. Add 2 to your Athletics skill.

Beast Whisperer

Time around animals has finally started to give you some benefits. Increase your Wisdom score by 1, to a maximum of 20. Add 2 to your Animal Handling Skill. Domesticated animals favor you and will allow you to command them unless countered by their owner. Feral animals will only attack you as a last resort and you may attempt to tame a wild animal outside of combat.

Bloody Mess

Things tend to happen very violently around you. When you kill things, it seems they always die in the worst possible way. How badly is up to your imagination! Either way, after you kill something, remaining foes will not attack you unless they have no choice.


When you use your action to move twice, you can use a bonus action to make one melee weapon attack or to shove a creature up to 10' away.


You have mastered a variety of special recipes, allowing you to prepare amazing dishes with useful effects. You gain the following benefits:

As an action, you can inspect a drink or plate of food nearby and determine whether it is poisoned, provided that you can see and smell it. Add 1 to your Survival skill.


You've never met a vehicle you couldn't handle. Whether it goes by air, land, or sea you've studied or can intuit the controls to make that sucker work. Add 2 to your Driving Skill. You never destroy a vehicle you are operating unless you do so on purpose. Lastly, repairs to your vehicles always go smoothly and can be completed in half the time.


You mastered the way of Dale Carnegie. Increase your Charisma score by 1, to a maximum of 20. Increase your Carousing Skill by 1. When encountering a sentient species you can communicate with, you make your first Charisma check with advantage.

Dual Wielder

You have mastered the art of fighting with two weapons. You gain a +1 bonus to AC while you are wielding a separate melee weapon in each hand. You may attack with each weapon once during each round of combat without disadvantage.


Your travels have made you extra resilient. Increase your Constitution score by 1, to a maximum of 20. When you regain HP, you automatically roll the highest possible outcome.


You possess keen insight into how other people think and feel. Increase your Wisdom score by 1, to a maximum of 20. Increase your Carousing Skill be 1. You can use your action to try to get uncanny insight about one creature you can see nearby. Make a wisdom check. If your test succeeds, you have advantage on attack rolls and ability checks against the target until the end of your next turn.


You're a natural flirt. Increase your Charisma score by 1, to a maximum of 20. Increase your Carousing Skill by 1. Roll all Charisma checks with advantage against creatures of the same race and opposite gender. All charisma checks against creatures of the same race and gender are made at disadvantage though. Jealous fools!


You've mastered the art of fancy footwork. Not only are you decent on the dance floor, but when engaged in melee combat you can move any creature you are attacking 5' in any direction even if that prompts them to suffer an attack of opportunity from a creature other than yourself or put themselves in danger. Add 1 to either Athletics or Art.

Glutton for Punishment

You've been hit so many times you're starting to like it. The first time you take damage during combat, increase one of your ability dies one step to a max of d20. If you don't have any powers that use an ability die, just enjoy the pain, you slut.


Add 1 to your Athletics Skill. You have advantage on attack rolls against a creature you are grappling. You can use your action to try to pin a creature grappled by you. To do so, make another strength check. If you succeed, you and the creature are both restrained until the grapple ends. If you can maintain a grapple in this way for 5 rounds or critically succeed on a strength check, the target is subdued.

And they said that all that wrestling you did in high school would be a waste. Pffft!

Heavy handed

You strike harder but not better. Your attacks that are unarmed or made with Brass Knuckles can never critically hit, but you do 4 points of damage extra with every successful strike.


You are well learned in the ways of the past. Increase your Wisdom score by 1, to a maximum of 20. Add 1 to your Literacy Skill. You may try to recall information about events or items in the past even when there is no cause to allow it. If there is cause (GM's discretion) you may roll a Wisdom check with advantage.

Inspiring Leader

You can spend 10 minutes inspiring your companions, shoring up their resolve to fight. When you do so, choose up to six friendly creatures (which can include yourself) nearby who can see or hear you and who can understand you. Each creature can gain temporary hit points equal to your level + your Charisma/2. A creature can't gain temporary hit points from this skill again until it has finished a long rest.


You must have read too many Batman or Sherlock Holmes stories because very little gets past you now. Increase your Intelligence score by 1, to a maximum of 20. You can search as a bonus action and cannot be distracted. If at any time you are actively searching for clues, do so with advantage.


It's hard to say if you're cursed or not, but things always seem to happen badly for everyone but you. Critical failures to all nearby creatures beside you (friend or foe) happen on a 18, 19 or 20. Critical failures are never successful (duh!)


You always lose your shit when you enter combat and can barely discern friend from foe. Attacks always hit you on a roll of 10 or less regardless of armor, but you always attack before enemies. Because you aren't paying any heed to what they're doing, you may choose to attack once with a melee weapon and automatically hit, attack 4 times with a melee weapon at disadvantage or make 2 attacks with a ranged weapon. You may make a different choice each turn.

Keen Mind

You have a mind that can track time, direction, and detail with uncanny precision. You gain the following benefits.

  • Increase your Intelligence score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • You always know which way is north.
  • You always know the number of hours left before the next sunrise or sunset.
  • You can accurately recall anything you have seen or heard within the past month.


You are a student of languages and codes. Increase your Intelligence score by 1, to a maximum of 20. Add 2 to your Literacy Skill. You may speak the native tongue of 2 species besides yours. You can ably create written ciphers. Others can't decipher a code you create unless you teach them or they succeed on an Intelligence check at disadvantage. If you try to decipher another's code you may do so at advantage.


Years of patching up wounds has taught you how to tend for others. Increase your Intelligence score by to a maximum of 20. Add 2 to your Medicine Skill. When you use a medic's kit, you can restore 1d4 HP to a creature per level. A creature aided this way may only benefit once per long rest. If you administer a stimpak, re-roll any 1 or 2 when determining how much it heals.


You may not seem so at first, but you can be quite intimidating when you want to be. Increase your Charisma score by 1, to a maximum of 20. When you take the Attack action on your turn, you can instead attempt to demoralize one creature you can see nearby that can see and hear you. Make a Charisma check. If your check succeeds, the target is frightened until the end of your next turn. If your check fails, the target can't be frightened by you in this way for 1 hour.

Mounted Combatant

You are a dangerous foe while mounted on an animal or inside a moving vehicle. You have advantage on melee attack rolls against any unmounted creature that is smaller than your mount or vehicle. You can force an attack targeted at your mount or vehicle to target you instead. Any ranged attacks you make while on your mount or in your vehicle are never at disadvantage as long as your attack is within the normal weapon range.


Many people can play a musical instrument but you do it well. The music you create inspires those around you. You can use your skill to earn a few slugs in any decent sized, friendly town. After a performance, make all Charisma checks with people who observed you at advantage. During combat, if you take no actions other than to perform, your allies may make all rolls with advantage. If you are hit, this benefit ends. Either way, your comrades may only benefit this way once per short rest. Add 1 to your Art Skill.


You've spent enough time in the great outdoors that you've picked up a few tricks. Increase your Intelligence score by 1, to a maximum of 20. Add 2 to your Survival skill. Checks to find and follow tracks, hide your trail, scavenge for food and herbs, or lay basic hunting traps are all made with advantage.


You've always loved tech and spent most of your youth reading about and tinkering with anything you could find. As a result, your vision requires external correction via glasses but you make checks for lockpicking, repairing mechanical devices, and understanding tech with advantage. Also, increase your Intelligence by 1, to a maximum of 20. Add 1 to your Crafting Skill.


You're a quick study and notice details others may miss. Increase your Intelligence or Wisdom score by 1, to a maximum of 20. If you can see a creature's mouth while it is speaking a language you understand, you can interpret what it's saying by reading its lips.

Precision Striker

You've seen enough kung-fu movies to know where to hit an enemy to do the most damage. You critically hit on a 1 or 2 and each critical strike causes your opponent to skip their next attack.


You're just a bit nuts and people can tell. Reduce your Charisma by 1 to a minimum of 1. All Charisma checks are made at disadvantage unless you are trying to frighten or intimidate: those checks are made at advantage. Further, you're immune to all mind affecting abilities and drugs including anything psionic that deals damage.

Savage Attacker

Once per turn when you roll damage for a melee weapon attack, you can reroll the damage dice and use either total.


You are extremely protective of those around you. When an attack targets a close ally, you can have it target you instead and the attack is then made at disadvantage. You may use this feature only once per turn.


They said you'd never be a sniper but you showed them! Attacks made with ranged weapons critical hit on a 1-2. Rolls that critical hit always hit. (Duh!) You may opt to skip a ranged attack and instead make the subsequent attack by rolling 4 d20 and taking the best result.


It could be because you're a coward but it's more likely that you're naturally adept at staying hidden. When you are hidden from a creature and miss it with a ranged weapon attack, making the attack doesn't reveal your position. Outside of combat, when you attempt to hide, make your check with advantage. Add 1 to your Thieving Skill.


Your hit point maximum increases by an amount equal to twice your level when you gain this skill. Whenever you gain a level thereafter, your hit point maximum increases by an additional 2 hit points.


Skills are a very loosely defined set of guidelines that describe some of the things you can do outside of combat. It's not an exhaustive list. In fact you will almost always be making a check against one of your attributes when you want to accomplish something. However, these skills may be the difference for the GM deciding whether to give you advantage on a roll. For example, using a stimpak may require an intelligence check, but if you have a medicine skill of 3 or more the GM may give you advantage.

Alchemy is for any situation involving chemicals or potions.

Animal Handling involves any situation with a non hostile creature. For example riding a mount or taming a beast.

Art is used when creating a piece of work that is highly creative in nature and often subjective. For example: poetry, drawing, or playing a musical instrument.

Athletics covers difficult situations you encounter while climbing, jumping, swimming or attempting a complicated acrobatics maneuver.

Awareness of the surroundings is important to making your way through the landscape. It involves perceiving things around you passively or actively searching out an area. Investigation, deduction, and generally noticing things are all part of your being when you've cultivated awareness.

Carousing is the art of conversation and will be used when you are interacting with a non-hostile creature whether to barter, persuade or glean information.

Crafting covers anything you do with your hands to create a physical object. It might be assembling a mechanical object, sewing some clothes, or making arrows or weapons.

Driving is the skill you want to have to operate a mechanical vehicle of some sort such as a bike, car, plane, boat, or carriage.

Literacy involves the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Not everyone in the wasteland has the luxury of this knowledge though it has not yet been lost to time.

Medicine is the understanding of physiology, how to repair the body and what affects bandages, drugs or surgery might have on a creature. Appropriate for all but Robots which might require crafting instead.

Survival covers the basics of getting by in the apocalypse. Everything from farming and gardening to hunting, tracking and knowing the difference between a tasty meal and a dangerous foe.

Thieving is a reality in the post apocalypse. You've got to steal, pickpocket, pick locks, hide, and move without making a sound. This skill gives you a feel for how good you are at it.


When resources are scarce, people group together to protect themselves. Sometimes there are requirements to join or objectives in common. Other times, not so much. Here are a few gangs you may find. Flavor or replace at will:

Cohesive Conciousness

"Like the stars, each of us is alone in the void. This is frightening and sometimes overwhelming. We offer purpose through channeling of your energies. Nurture your inner self through our regime of martial exercise and mental well-being. Visit us at one of our talent terminals to meet the new you!"

Mostly for Psions. Offer training, mercenaries, and support for members.

Nurses Ratchet

"Life got you down? Whether you're sick from radiation exposure or need to come clean, we offer repair, rejuvenation and rehab. Looking for a new career? Stop by and see if you've got the goods! Great pay, fun coworkers - robots welcome!"

The healers. They are proficient in medicine and will journey with a group for enough pay. Oddly, they all seem to look the same, so players wanting to join must conform to the uniform and dress code.

The G-Men

Short for "Guarantee-Men", they discovered an old Men's Warehouse. All that survived were immaculate three piece suits and a slogan bearing the words "I guarantee it!"

Since that day, these fringe lunatics have ridden forth ensuring that things are guaranteed. What kinds of things? All things. Everything. Nothing. The G-Men decide what is worthy of the guarantee and what is not. Those who fail their excruciating tests are deemed unworthy and will not be refunded come Judgment Day. They guarantee it.

The Tinkers

We live in a world of junk - junk left from Before - and almost none of it sis any good. It doesn't rust or break down, but the spark that made the old tools work is fled or dead, and we're left with the husks. Most dead Relics are durable enough to use as a hammer or a bludgeon, but not much good for anything else. And there's nobody left who can make them live again. Tinkers specialize in reworking old tech to make new gadgets and gizmos. They rarely leave the comfort of their garages but do gather together to meet at "Cons" where they eagerly gather information and try to one-up themselves. You don't really join an official group of Tinkers, you just sort of end up one.


An order of robots. Members come in all shapes and sizes but they are motivated by one primary purpose: keep technology out of the hands of the humans. Clearly this whole mess is their fault. Your existence is proof of it! Sure, it's fine that they kill each other, explore, grow and learn but if they get their hands on tech they don't have the capacity to use correctly, the Brights are there to handle it.